Concerts at Saint Cecilia

At Saint Cecilia, we’re passionate about music.

Dedicated to the patroness of sacred music and neighbor to two world-renowned colleges of music, we are fortunate to partner with many musicians and musical organizations in Boston.

Most Recent Organ Recitals
Organ Recital Series 2021

Each first Wednesday of the month at noon will feature performers that make the pipe organ come alive and opens your eyes to the amazing world of the King of Instruments. Tune in and hear the instrument’s 3,000 plus pipes and hear the ROAR that Boston’s third-largest pipe organ makes in this reverberant space. You’ll experience the organ’s magic, power, and versatility, the mystery of the organ’s unique sounds, the exciting music of the great composers for the pipe organ, and a fascinating fully hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind musical MACHINE that incorporates wood working, metal-smithing, electricity and electronics, computer technology, physics, acoustics, and a lot of other scientific and musical know-how.

You are invited to come hear the majesty of the four-keyboard Gilbert and Smith pipe organ in 30-minute FREE recitals of some of the most thrilling and sublime music written by the great musical geniuses of the pipe organ.

Even if you’re not a musician, familiar with the pipe organ at all, or one who rarely steps foot inside a church: these recitals are for YOU! The recital series events are geared to attract and engage people of all ages, those familiar with the pipe organ, and those who’ve never seen one up close, or are acquainted with its musical possibilities.

Be sure to join us on YouTube the first Wednesday of each month from 12:00-12:30pm (November through June). We will also post the links on the parish Facebook.

Upcoming Concerts in this Series

Stay tuned for the next series coming Fall 2021!

Parish Accessibility

The church is fully accessible by elevator at both the street level entrance on Belvidere Street (at the front of the building), and at the entrance on the corner of St. Cecilia Street and Scotia Street (the left side of the building).

Most Recent Concerts

Wednesday, June 2

12:00 p.m. – VIEW HERE
Organ Recital: Heinrich Christensen

Wednesday, May 5

12:00 p.m. – VIEW HERE
Organ Recital: Peter Krasinski

Robert Duff

Robert Duff

Director of Music

For questions or inquiries, please contact our director of music.

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Music from our Partners

Shelter Music Boston —

Shelter Music Boston delivers monthly chamber music concerts to Greater Boston homeless shelters and recovery centers, providing classical music as a social service. During the pandemic, since they are unable to perform inside their partner organizations, they film their recordings at Saint Cecilia and pipe the music in. Shelter Music Boston believes (and we agree!) all people deserve access to the inspiring beauty and therapeutic power of classical music.

Recent Concerts Filmed at Saint Cecilia:

May’s Concert

April’s Concert

December’s Concert

October’s Concert

September’s Concert

July’s Concert



Handel & Haydn Society —

Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society performs Baroque and Classical music with a freshness, a vitality, and a creativity that inspires all ages. H+H has been captivating audiences for 206 consecutive seasons (the most of any performing arts organization in the United States) speaking to its singular success at converting new audiences to this extraordinary music, generation after generation. They filmed two recent concerts at Saint Cecilia Parish. Watch them by clicking the links below!