Our Mission and Vision

At Saint Cecilia, our mission is to:

Discover the God who loves you.

Engage with a parish that supports you.  

Serve the world that needs you.

The journey of our spiritual life, like the start of any journey, begins in the place we find ourselves right now—with our talents and gifts, but also with our questions, doubts, fears, and imperfections. Through engaging worship, challenging preaching, and a welcoming community, we encounter the God who meets us precisely where we are. And we believe that this discovery happens in the midst of a supportive community. The outcome of this encounter with God in the context of community is the desire to serve others. At Saint Cecilia we’d love to companion with you. We have something good to offer and invite you to join us and help shape that offering. Wherever you are, it is the right place to seek, to find, and to be an instrument of God’s transforming grace in the world.


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“God has called you for who you are. He wants you as you are for your uniqueness.” 

–Archbishop Desmond Tuto 

Our Values

Catholic Social Teaching helps form and guide the way we respond to one another and to the world around us. At Saint Cecilia we are committed to promoting the life and dignity of the human person—the foundational theme of Catholic Social Teaching. There are many ways we live out this commitment—through our care for individuals who are unhoused or experiencing food insecurity or financial instability; by welcoming with open arms the LGBTQ+ community and being supportive allies and reminders of how much God loves those of us who are LGBTQ+; and by standing in solidarity with those of us who struggle with addiction. In addition to these areas, we are working at becoming a parish that is antiracist in all aspects of what we do. To move in this direction, we are listening, reading to learn (and unlearn), reflecting together, and educating ourselves.