The Road to Social Equity

Examining Our Culture and Conscience
The results are IN!
Survey Results Presentation

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This slide deck was originally presented to the community on November 14, 2021. If you’d like to view that presentation, please email the parish office for a link.

Survey Participants

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What is this parish initiative?

The Road to Social Equity Initiative examines our parish life and culture, identifies any blind spots when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and lays the groundwork for a strategic plan that will further our vision of being a parish where “no one is lost or forgotten” (Parish Vision 2022, ¶ 12).

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A Brief History

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing national reckoning with our country’s systemic racism, parish leadership began to discern how we as a church could respond both to the immediate needs of our parishioners and to the broader need to reconcile our individual and collective complicity in some of these racist institutions. The Racial Equity Team (RET), made up of parishioners, ministry leaders, parish council members, and staff, was born to explore these questions and the parish’s next actions. In these early discussions, the RET realized how much we didn’t know about our own community. How racially or ethnically diverse are we? Does Saint Cecilia feel like a spiritual home to everyone, or are there barriers to belonging? Does everyone feel the responsibility and possibility of shaping their own parish community? What would it mean to be a truly anti-racist parish?

About the Survey (Phase 1)

To best carry out this exploration, Saint Cecilia has partnered with the nonprofit organization Health Resources in Action (HRiA), to conduct a racial equity assessment and plan. The heart of this assessment involves gathering staff, parishioner, and community input through focus groups, individual interviews, and a survey. Key findings from the assessment will inform a strategic plan that outlines how Saint Cecilia can make positive changes with the goal of becoming a parish where all feel welcome.

Initial focus groups were conducted in May 2021 to gather feedback to help shape the key themes in the survey with the following groups:

  • People who attend Mass, but are otherwise not engaged in parish life
  • Black, Indigenous, and parishioners of color
  • LGBTQ+ Parishioiners and Members of the Rainbow Ministry
  • Social and Racial Justice Ministry Members

In the summer of 2021, the parish disseminated the survey which covered everything from who we are as a parish, to how inclusive our community is, to what each participant thought the parish should prioritize in the year ahead. 

After the survey was completed in September we followed up with the focus groups and key information interviews for the below either because we hadn’t heard from that demographic group, or to get more detail on that demographic’s responses:

  • Young Adults (ages 18-24)
  • Youth (Under 18)
  • Non-native English Speakers
  • Black, Indigenous, and parishioners of color
  • Parishioners who have attended 7+ years
  • Parishioners with disabilities

HRiA also condcted an environement scan of our spaces. All of the collected data with inform Phase 2 of this work resulting in a strategic plan that will be stronger and more tailored to our needs.

About the Strategic Plan (Phase 2)

Beginning in 2022, Saint Cecilia will embark on the second phase of work with Health Resources in Action (HRiA) to develop a multi-year strtegic plan informed by the data collected during the survey process. This plan will illuminate the parish’s action steps to become a more welcome, anti-racist community. 

Want to join this process? We need as much involvement as possible in order to create a strategic plan that s rooted in our community’s needs. This is your parish community, help inform how we can grow together! Sign Up Here!